About This Site (The Guts)

About This Site (The Guts) 12/17/2017

My professional app development over the last few years has been service-oriented (as in microservices) and REST APIs, with very little web development. This has taken me on a wonderful journey in which I have gotten to play with big data and scalable systems in ways that I never had before. One side effect of programming for a living is that I find myself wanting to build things when I see a set of options that don't quite fit my needs. So it should be no surprise that I have wanted to have a technical journal for some time now (literally years) but have not started one because, well, I didn't have the time necessary to build the infrastructure I would need for it.

What infrastructure, you ask? Well... all I want for Christmas is...

  • a platform that allows me to manage several websites in one place
  • a platform that is lightweight and simple to administer, allowing me to focus on content rather than on how to make things work
  • a platform that leverages the latest in web application technologies
  • a platform that doesn't require I know in advance how the infrastructure will evolve
  • bonus points:
    • I get to work with scalable cloud infrastructure PaaS systems
    • what I learn feeds into and benefits from the professional work I'm doing

I had tried setting up Wordpress Multisite to serve my needs, and while I love how easy it is to build themed websites quickly, I don't like that WP is built in PHP, that it requires a 24/7 database be running, and that it is very hard to customize technically.

So I started building with my favorite technologies:

  • Python
  • Django
  • Google Cloud Platform, specifically App Engine and the NoSQL Datastore

Since I use these technologies every day, it seemed right to try to build a multi-site website tool.

So here it is... my first website build by myself from the ground up (well, from the framework up). The HTML and CSS is primitive, I know... that's something that I hope to improve over time. The infrastructure is lightweight, efficient, performant, and (in theory) infinitely scalable.

And that makes me a happy programmer.