Pirate Gathering

Friends come in a variety of ways in life, and one of my favourite ways to meet new friends is through acquaintances of other friends. Mike and Lance, two friends of mine from my Seafair Pirate days, had dinner with Janet and I last week, and we talked about people they know in Cayman Islands. After a group email on Facebook, I had contact info for John and Rick.

After our island "tour", John, Rick, Janet, and I had lunch together and enjoyed a delightful conversation over jerk chicken sandwiches and burgers. We definitely owe you one next time you visit Alaska!


Relaxing Again

Wednesday was our first scheduled at-sea day. It was also the first day we could lay in our most summer-like clothing on our balcony.

When we booked the cruise, we chose a high-end standard room, one with a verandah and a king-sized bed. At the last minute, we decided to upgrade to a suite, which gave us additional room space, deck space, and ammenities like free laundry service.


Grand Turk

Tuesday we stopped in Grand Turk. The captain made the comment that if you wanted to see all of Grand Turk, the best way was to walk up to the observation deck... he was actually pretty spot-on.

Grand Turk is a small island with only tourism to support it. They have no resources there except for conchs. They have to import everything else (tap water is $0.40 per liter, if I understood correctly).



We spent all of Monday at sea. This wasn't the original plan, but it ended up working that way because of the weather. While it felt fine on the ship, the winds and waves were from the wrong direction to make our stop accessible.

And by 'accessible', I mean safe for getting in the water and enjoyable to sit on the beach. The island was perfectly reachable, but the beach was nearly washed-out by wave activity. And the island's staff hadn't even gotten to the island from their neighboring residence location due to concern over docking there and disembarking from the shuttle.


A Well-Deserved Vacation Awaits

Tomorrow morning I go to work as normal.

Well, not quite as normal. First we take J out to breakfast for her birthday, then I go to work.

Tomorrow afternoon, however, J and I leave on vacation. We'll be spending time with Gareth and Larine in Seattle and Danny in Albuquerque, and meeting up with friends from high school, friends from college, friends from the navy, and just plain friends.


Southwest Airlines Kudos

I've always like Southwest Airlines. As a frequent traveler, I've generally had the best luck with being on-time, getting through the airport with few hassles, and using travel rewards when traveling with Southwest versus other airlines.

Today I had to call to ask a question. I usually do all of my booking, modifying, and managing online, so I hadn't actually called them in probably a decade. However, I needed to speak with a person to get an answer to the question I had, so I called.

I was disappointed to hear the wait was approximately 15-20 minutes.



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