Change We Can't Believe In

I remember being quite excited when Barack Obama ran for President. Not because I believed in his ideals (I agree on some and disagree on others), not because I thought he had a better plan or a better grasp of the problems, but rather because I felt he would be a true leader and not just another pawn.


Does Anyone Use Teasers Anymore?

When I write a post, I'm usually pretty aware of teaser length. I like the idea of a feed being just long enough to give the idea of what's coming, followed by a link you can click to read the whole post.

On my vacation, however, I noticed that several people didn't recognize that the status updates on Facebook were only partial posts. This implies to me that once people see a few sentences, they think they're at the end, even if a 'read more' link appears.


In Albuquerque

While I have a network of friends stretching around the world, the biggest concentrations are in Albuquerque and Seattle. Since we stopped in Seattle on the way to the cruise, we decided to stop in Albuquerque on the return journey.

Last night we had dinner with Tom and Tammy. Tom was an officer on the USS Helena (the submarine I served on in the '90s). He now works at Intel. He and Tammy have two kids, and the four of them met us at El Pinto for a delicious New Mexican meal.


One More At-Sea Day

The final day of the cruise was spent on the water, covering the long leg from Cozumel to Fort Lauderdale. We didn't really do much. I packed. Janet read. We participated in the trivia contest with the team we had become part of over the last week. About as perfect a relaxing day as anyone could ask for.



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