On the Importance of Grammar

Does it matter whether you put commas in your emails, colons in your documents, and apostrophies in your advertisements? Absolutely! One misplaced comma can entirely change the meaning of your message. Getting grammar right might take work, but getting it wrong can cause more grief than it's worth, for both you and your audience.

Mary Murphy tells us why it matters using easy examples and great humor...


The State of Broadband in the US (Shame on You, ISPs!)

Broadband in the US basically sucks. It's unreliable. It's filtered. But most of all, it's expensive. Very, very expensive.

What do I mean unreliable? Sometimes your connection delivers the advertised bandwidth, but not normally. Usually you get a fraction of what you think you are paying for. With high latency and low bandwidth, connections feel sluggish and non-responsive.

How fast should a connection feel? Video should stream after less than two seconds from your click. Every time.


Even the Pros Can Fall for Phishing Attacks

Phishing isn't about attacking vulnerable groups, it's about attacking anyone and everyone, again and again, until they each individually let their guard down for a moment. Here's a writeup by a security expert who fell for a moment, and his newly-aquired appreciation for the failability of men. A good read, especially if you don't take online security seriously.



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