A Disappointing Presidency

I was happy to see Obama elected not because I wanted him (I most certainly did no) but because I wanted the Republican party to be shaken to their core so that they could go back and figure out what they stood for. The extrematism, fanaticism, and just plain stupidity of both parties had gotten out of hand over Bush, and I wanted the right to get a wake-up call that they were doing it wrong.


Planning a City-to-City Walk

I have a week's vacation coming up, and I'm planning a city-to-city walk. Basically, I love to walk long distances and so I'm going to fly into one airport and a few days later fly out of another.

This initially came about because I wanted to spend a week kayaking in the Gulf of Mexico somewhere, then the BP spill disrupted the reliability of being able to do this. Since I don't want to spend a lot of money for my trip, I pondered alternatives, and this came up as a good idea.


Halibut Fishing

We had a great day Halibut fishing Saturday! Everyone limited out, and most of the fish were around 15-16 pounds (the four biggest were in the 23-25 pound range). It was sunny, warm, calm, and perfect weather in every way.

By the end of the day, everyone except me had sore arms... whatever I'm doing at the gym must be having the right effect!



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