Security and obscurity as it relates to Facebook Graph

When data breaches are intolerable, obscurity is not the way to secure the data; however, obscurity is a reasonable way to enhance your overall privacy. Facebook Graph has the potential to obliterate, or vastly reduce, obscurity. Loss of obscurity is really something we should be concerned about:


Listening to whales, now available for all

When I was in sonar on submarines for the US Navy, I always enjoyed the hours spent listening to humpback whales off the coast of Hawaii. It interfered with our job, but it was also one of the highlights of the work for me.

Now the Jupiter Research Foundation has made at least some of their hydrophones available so that anyone can listen to whalesong live.


How does a pirate retire?

It should come as no surprise that when you have come to the logical end of a career you would retire. And if you are famous, you would probably hold a press conference announcing the event. Even if you are a pirate.

"After being in piracy for eight years," Big Mouth told a press conference (!) in Somalia on Thursday, "I have decided to renounce and quit, and from today on I will not be involved in this gang activity."

Shit gets real

The Walking Dead is a TV show. About zombies. And a global apocalypse. Some people think it's more realistic than others:

Gurman was arrested and charged with attempted murder in Long Island, after reportedly shooting his girlfriend in the back, with a .22 caliber rifle during an extended, heated argument about whether The Walking Dead, which isn't real, could actually come true and turn us all into brainless bottom-feeders. After that, shit evidently got too real.



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