Happy 30th!

When you think of key events in the history of the PC, most of my peers remember the dawn of the hobby computer and the first-generation of home computers from Apple. Microsoft was a little later to the game, but their impact is undeniable.

Today is the 30th birthday of Microsoft's first commercial product: MS-DOS. Happy Birthday, DOS!


Facts are facts

The scientific method is one of the greatest achievements of humanity, but we still have people making health, medical, and environmental decisions based on superstition and/or denial of scientific evidence. Why do we battle progress? Why do we try to prevent the use of genetically modified food, or not vaccinate our children?

Michael Specter claims we are entitled to our opinions, but we are not entitled to our own facts:


Vagina vocabulary

Now you have no more excuses, you have a name for every occasion:

How did it happen that “vajayjay” quickly became the slang term for vagina? Did Oprah start it? Was it Grey’s Anatomy? It almost feels like a fable at this point—but regardless, there has ALWAYS been slang terms for what’s in your pants and who knows? By the year 2067, vajayjay may sound as old-fashioned as “delta of Venus” or “aphrodisiacal tennis court” do now. After the jump, we’ve compiled a list of 40 slang terms for every important occasion.


Leave my private life out of it

"Your politics does not belong in my bedroom." That's basically Giuliani's stance on gay marriage:

Giuliani, who personally supports civil unions but not same-sex marriage, said that he was against the recent vote in New York to legalize gay marriage in the state. But while he called that decision "wrong," he described it as a "democratic vote" and urged Republicans to move on.

I couldn't agree more!


The wrong interpretation of the economy figures

Here's a thoughtful article about why the recovery doesn't feel as good as economists are saying it is:

Not a single forecaster in Bloomberg’s monthly survey of 85 Wall Street economists got it anywhere close to right. The most common reaction was “surprise.” That any professional can sincerely claim to be surprised by continued weakness — in employment, GDP or retail sales — was the only revelation.



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