People for the Embarrassing Treatment of Animals

I'm rarely a supporter of activist groups, mostly because the most visible ones are too radical in their approach. People get swept up in the emotional charge of the issue and don't think through either the social implications of their actions or the hypocrisy of their methods. I agree with the vision of groups like Greenpeace, but I fundamentally oppose most of the activities they participate in that make headlines.


The five kinds of sluts

Being a slut has gotten a bad rap. We need more words to use than just 'slut':

I thought about it and realized she might be on to something. “Slut” may be the definition of a promiscuous women, but there’s all kinds of women who’ve had lots of sex partners. Here are five types of “sluts” you may not have considered.

The author defines the five different categorizations of people you would call 'slut',:


How big is mobile gaming?

Mobile gaming is big. Real big. It's how money is currently being made in the personal computer industry. For instance, the game Angry Birds is expected to bring in roughly $1 million in ad and click-through revenue this month alone. How's that for a free-to-download app?

Everything you wanted to know (click to see full-sized):



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