Having fun on the cheap

No surprise here, but when people have less money, they spend what they do have on, shall we say, having fun at home:

“At a time when unemployment is high and bank account balances are low, people are passing the time by getting busy,” Stefan Dallakian, the owner of Paris Intimates – an online sex toy distributor—told me. It's estimated that the sex-toy business is a $15 billion industry. As the U.S. economy has worsened, Dallakian said that he has seen sales for sex toys skyrocket.


The five kinds of sluts

Being a slut has gotten a bad rap. We need more words to use than just 'slut':

I thought about it and realized she might be on to something. “Slut” may be the definition of a promiscuous women, but there’s all kinds of women who’ve had lots of sex partners. Here are five types of “sluts” you may not have considered.

The author defines the five different categorizations of people you would call 'slut',:


Vagina vocabulary

Now you have no more excuses, you have a name for every occasion:

How did it happen that “vajayjay” quickly became the slang term for vagina? Did Oprah start it? Was it Grey’s Anatomy? It almost feels like a fable at this point—but regardless, there has ALWAYS been slang terms for what’s in your pants and who knows? By the year 2067, vajayjay may sound as old-fashioned as “delta of Venus” or “aphrodisiacal tennis court” do now. After the jump, we’ve compiled a list of 40 slang terms for every important occasion.



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