Democrats Supporting Supply-Side Economics?

The attached article takes a look at how Brazil, praized by Hilliary Clinton as an example of "the right way to do taxation", is actually implementing a tax program more similar to what we had under Ronald Regan than anything the Democrats would ever support. The richest Brazilians are currently paying lower tax rates than the average middle-class Americans are right now. Steve Forbes (the author of the article) basically states the current Brazilian program is an example of supply-side economics in action. Ironic Hilliary wouldn't have picked up on this.


A Disappointing Presidency

I was happy to see Obama elected not because I wanted him (I most certainly did no) but because I wanted the Republican party to be shaken to their core so that they could go back and figure out what they stood for. The extrematism, fanaticism, and just plain stupidity of both parties had gotten out of hand over Bush, and I wanted the right to get a wake-up call that they were doing it wrong.


The State of Broadband in the US (Shame on You, ISPs!)

Broadband in the US basically sucks. It's unreliable. It's filtered. But most of all, it's expensive. Very, very expensive.

What do I mean unreliable? Sometimes your connection delivers the advertised bandwidth, but not normally. Usually you get a fraction of what you think you are paying for. With high latency and low bandwidth, connections feel sluggish and non-responsive.

How fast should a connection feel? Video should stream after less than two seconds from your click. Every time.


Don't Look Now (No, Really, There's Nothing to See Here)

The law is changing. If you purchase any goods or services for your business that are a tax writeoff, and the total exceeds $600 from a particular business, you must file a 1099 against that business. You had to do it for services anyway, but now you also have to do it for material goods.



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