If George Bush had...

I'm not a fan of George Bush, but neither am I a fan of Obama. What I don't like is the hypocracy between how the two of them were treated by the population and the media.

The original letter is here, as is a response. What I find particularly disturbing about the response is that it misses the point entirely. The point is George Bush was openly criticized for every gaff during his presidency. Criticizing Obama for similar errors is somehow not acceptable. That is what this is about.


Charity does not solve the problem

Interesting article. The main point is that charity doesn't solve the long-term problems of poverty and unemployment.

His point seems to be that society would benefit more if the wealthy channeled their creative energies and talents toward building job-creating businesses rather than doling out cash. It is the 21st century billionaire version of the old adage, “give a man a fish and he eats for a day, teach him to fish and he eats for a lifetime.”


Data privacy in the new world

I'm pleased to see the evolution of the privacy debate taking place in an open manner. As technology leaps ahead of anything the human species has evolved to understand, there is a tendency to respond with knee-jerk reactions to every slip-up. I think it's important to allow people to maintain privacy when and where they want to, but it's also important for consumers to understand that to get something they have to also give up something.

Here's a talk by Tim O'Reilly about the need for patience as the implications are better understood:


Legislating safety

I'm an advocate against seatbelt laws. I believe they are counter-productive.

Yes, I know they save lives. However, I believe it should not be the role of the government to save people from themselves. The fact that they save lives is a moot point.

Yes, I know it costs the population as a whole when individiuals are in a wreck and sustain serious injury. I believe it should not be the role of government or insurance companies to pay for every injury if the person chose to take risks beyond generally-agreed-upon standards.



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