Riding without a helmet may be good for you

Yes, you read that right... riding your bike without a helmet may be safer than riding with one.

Statistics are an interesting thing. They can very quickly relate large amounts of information. The problem is that without careful analysis they can create the wrong impression or give an altogether false understanding of the world.

Why It Makes Sense to Bike Without a Helmet is a simple example of this very concept:


Government eavesdropping hubbub

Since the NSA leaks a few weeks ago, government eavesdropping has been in the news daily. I've been talking with people about this quite a bit, but haven't posted anything to date. Today I'm summarizing a few things that I feel are important into a single post.

First, on the leaks themselves. Snowden broke the law in releasing classified information. However, he hasn't done anything that will fundamentally endanger anyone. He should be treated as a whistleblower, not as US enemy number 1.


Security and obscurity as it relates to Facebook Graph

When data breaches are intolerable, obscurity is not the way to secure the data; however, obscurity is a reasonable way to enhance your overall privacy. Facebook Graph has the potential to obliterate, or vastly reduce, obscurity. Loss of obscurity is really something we should be concerned about:


How does a pirate retire?

It should come as no surprise that when you have come to the logical end of a career you would retire. And if you are famous, you would probably hold a press conference announcing the event. Even if you are a pirate.

"After being in piracy for eight years," Big Mouth told a press conference (!) in Somalia on Thursday, "I have decided to renounce and quit, and from today on I will not be involved in this gang activity."

The wide, amazing range of human sexuality

Human sexuality is one of the most interesting topics in the universe to me... I've been studying it mostly informally (but some formal education) for most of my adult life. There is an amazing universe of orientations, desires, behaviors, and choices, and it's all fascinating.

And it scares the crap out of a lot of people. The thought of sexuality being anything other than one man, one woman is frightening to significant portions of the population. Which is unfortunate, since it results in so much hate in the world that is, essentially, a waste of everyone's time and energy.



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