Having Fun with Secret Questions

Anyone who actually knows anything about secure methods of identification can tell you why secret questions are a bad way to recover a lost password (short answer: it's usually too easy for the bad-guy to find the right answer, thereby thwarting all the other strong security on the system).

However, one simple solution is to make up answers to the questions that are unpredictably misleading. For instance:

Q: What's your favorite color?

A: Toronto.


Twitter Woes

One feature I want to make work in my website is automatic updates to Twitter when I post in the site. I think I have all the components installed, but it's not updating.

Facebook was easy. So why is Twitter so hard? What am I missing here?


Drupal Distractions

I think many of my good friends know I'm a Drupal expert... and the rest of you probably have no idea what Drupal is (even if you asked and I tried to explain).

I've been building quite a few websites lately both at my job and in my spare time. My reasons have been many, but it basically comes down to ultimately wanting to market my long-term dream. To do this I need a strong web presence, and to get there I want to build on a platform that can grow to the size of the dream, and that limits out most options. But Drupal can handle it.


Does Anyone Use Teasers Anymore?

When I write a post, I'm usually pretty aware of teaser length. I like the idea of a feed being just long enough to give the idea of what's coming, followed by a link you can click to read the whole post.

On my vacation, however, I noticed that several people didn't recognize that the status updates on Facebook were only partial posts. This implies to me that once people see a few sentences, they think they're at the end, even if a 'read more' link appears.



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