Ode to a lost love

From a friend of mine, lamenting (celebrating) moving on past a relationship that has run it's course:

But the other day I realized I hadn’t opened OneNote for a while. It wasn’t just the bulging notebook full of years of notes and actions that was keeping me away either – OneNote had lost some of it’s magic. It hadn’t kept up with what I needed it for. This has become starkly evident as I plan a trip taking just my iPad, not my laptop.


We've run out of addresses

The last batch of IPv4 addresses were issued yesterday. If you don't know what that means, Google sums it up well in their blog about the topic:

In the same way your phone is associated with a unique number, your computer is assigned a unique Internet Protocol (IP) address when you connect to the Internet. The current protocol, IPv4, allows for approximately 4 billion unique addresses—and that number is about to run out.


The App-Store paradigm comes to Mac OSX

The App Store, which any iPhone or iPod Touch user is familiar with, has now been released for Mac OSX. Briefly, this means you can install software using the same simple paradigm you are familiar with on your mobile devices. The App Store application keeps all your software up-to-date, taking away some of the biggest hassles around software: managing the software itself.

Is this a good thing?

Arguments for:


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