Fixing Homebrew on OSX Mavericks

If you're using OSX and Homebrew and are about to (or already have) upgrade to Mavericks, know that your packages won't work after the upgrade. Here's what you need to do to fix things:

$ xcode-select --install
$ brew update
$ brew doctor

If brew doctor returns any errors, you should fix them.

$ brew upgrade

At this point, everything mostly seems to be working. I did have to manually re-install Maven:

$ brew install mvn

... I'm not sure why.


Using the Hadoop book without an Amazon account

I'm working through some of the examples in the O'Reilly book "Hadoop: The Definitive Guide". One of the first things I noticed is that to get the data set the author uses, you must have a cluster set up using Amazon AWS. Since I don't (I've got a small cluster at home), I didn't have a way to get the data. Therefore, I've done the hard work to get all the data downloaded, transformed, and uploaded to my site so that you can avoid the hard work of tracking this down yourself.


Finding 'like' items

The technology of search has grown a bit in the last two decades. We used to search for exact matches, now we search for similar and related items. This poses an interesting problem in some cultures.

For instance, recipes in America typically contain a major ingredient in the name ('au gratin potatoes', 'key lime pie', and 'curly fries' come to mind). The ones that don't are made the same way by everyone, so you can find the ingredients list easily and then use that as a basis for related searches. But in Chinese cuisine, the name isn't necessarily useful:



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