Solving the right problem

Sandy Hook was a tragedy. Now the debate is turning to guns, access to guns, gun control. People want to know, "how can we get rid of guns?". Randy Cassingham proposes that we are not asking the right questions, and until we do, problems like this will continue regardless of the laws we try to implement:

The problem isn't a gun, whether it has a large capacity or not, whether it can shoot quickly or not, if there's no killer to pick it up and use it, right? So just give those killers knives instead! But by saying the killers will kill no matter what tool they have at their disposal, so let's give them less-lethal tools, you admit the problem isn't the gun, it's not the knife, it's not even the home-made bomb, but rather it's that there is a killer who will use any tool!

Until we address the real problems (mental health, for instance), we are just wasting time and money. Until we address the real problems, these tragedies will continue to happen, regardless of whether guns are available.

Guns aren't the problem. Let's solve the problem.


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