Transparent magic

I'm a big fan of sleight of hand and magic. I especially like close-up magic, the kind where you are inches away from the performer and can watch intently as he or she tries to deceive you.

I'm also a big fan of exposing tricks for what they are, tricks. I believe understanding magic is a promising pathway to realizing that science can explain things that seem mysterious to us now, that there really are answers out there if we are willing to ask questions and study our universe.

Which is why I like Penn and Teller. They show the tricks, and then they show how it works. But when they do, they still leave you amazed:

I was especially amazed and impressed when I saw this performance by a man I've never come across before. His trick is an old classic: cups and balls. He doesn't reveal the trick, but he uses clear glasses so that there is much less opportunity for misdirection... he has to be that much better to complete the trick without you discovering how he does it:

Wow. Just, wow.


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