How I Do It

I spend a lot of time on the computer. I use it for email, chat, telecommunications, money management, personal development, software development, creative writing, research, entertainment, and a huge list of other things.

Over the years, I've come to truly understand much of the technology available today and how to use it effectively and productively. In using the tools every day, and in reading and researching new tools, new techniques, and new ideas on time and personal management, I've become adept at making my computer time productive and fun.

How I Do It is a book devoted to helping you understand what I do so that you can do it to. I've done the hard part, figuring out how to incorporate technology into my life. Now you can read a simple guide to get you started using the same tools without the long learning curve or testing and trying every little new gadget out there.

I want to be productive. You do to. Read How I Do It and see how easy it can be to streamline your computing life!